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Recycled Art, Recycled Words

Turning trash into treasure is a creative way to recycle. A group of students from the City of Doral, Fl., have fashioned art from found objects and discarded materials.

That creative spin on green living is great for the environment and great for the development of young minds.

Ted — the new love of my life — is passionate about the environment and through Ted, I met Vik Muniz, an artist who makes stunning pieces of art from  odd and cast-off materials: shredded paper, sugar, wire and even dust.

Words  —  from old magazines, magnets and newspapers   — can be reused  to make  poems, including book spine poems, which use book titles to create verses. Here’s one of my book spine poems:

.evening walks 088

I am working on a few love poems for Ted — I’m recycling old feelings (depression and anxiety) and putting them to new uses. Nothing gets wasted; it’s all good. Thanks, TED.


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