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2 Weddings, 1 Funeral for Ted & Me

I fell in love with Ted at Miami International Airport, while waiting for an express bus to take me home to South Beach.  I had, of course, been flirting with Ted for months. But at that moment, after my long work day, I knew that Ted and I were meant to be.

The truth is in the wedding details. Bored and waiting for the South Beach bus, I grabbed a pen and paper from my purse. The paper was a day-old, out-of-town wedding invitation.  I had missed the wedding, but I caught the significance of that airport moment: I was writing my first love letter to Ted on a cream-colored wedding invitation.  And from the first pen stroke, I knew: This is real, this is it.  Ted’s the one.Image

I don’t usually carry around wedding invitations. But early one morning, when I was about to leave for work, my manager Christine called my cell with an assignment. She wanted me to write copy for an obituary ad in memory of a former executive, a kind man who had lived with a lot of heart. As Christine shared contact information and other details, I grabbed the wedding invitation from my coffee table, scribbled a few notes on it and stuffed the invitation in to my purse.

So love and death were united on a single engraved card.  And Ted, of course, had a lot to say about that. From Ted, I heard about Ric Elias, who learned a lot from surviving a plane crash. The crash taught Ric three things about living with urgency and mindfulness.

Life can change in a moment. In a heartbeat, we can fall in love or fall away. Seize the moment, Ted and Ric say, especially when it comes to spending time with those we love.

That’s also  the ocean-front message from my friends Adriana & Ryan — who married quickly and elegantly last Friday in Key Biscayne. After a two month-engagement, the pair married during a long weekend. And while the rest of us celebrated  Martin Luther King Day and the Presidential Inauguration, Adriana & Ryan also celebrated their three-day anniversary. They weren’t pregnant,  just ready to begin a new life. Here are  the first footsteps of their shared journey.


Congratulations Adriana & Ryan. Ted and I will catch up with you later. Mazal Tov!


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